I’m clearly meant to do this whole blogging thing

Taking on this blog was very ambitious for me. I was so insanely excited to start it, and I even had a list of ideas to get me through the first couple of posts.

Well, that worked out well. I haven’t posted anything in 3 weeks.

I still have some ideas that I think are great, but will anyone actually read it? But you know what, who cares if anyone reads it? I’m not doing this for anyone else, I’m doing it for me!

One of my coworkers  (he wrote a book so he’s basically super legit to me) said something the other day that really hit me – sometimes you just have to write a ton, no matter what it is, and then see how you can piece it together. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I have this back-stock of journaling prompts that I think I’m finally going to take advantage of, and I think that will be the basis of my blog for now, with some quality topics here and there. Talking about my errands isn’t the most intriguing topic in the world, but I could end up writing something really poetic and beautiful just from rambling on about my trip to the grocery store.

I’m also going to write whenever I can and whenever I have random thoughts. I’m sure some of my posts will be bullet points of random things I’m thinking at the moment, and that’s cool too. I also want to take inspiration from some of my favorite blogs. I just want to get my thoughts out there, because let’s be real, this is the cheapest form of therapy, and that’s kind of what I need right now.

So if there’s anyone out there that’s actually planning on reading this, get excited for a silly, random, and potentially boring ride.

This is me and my BFF Starbs, clearly excited to start my blogging journey. Please ignore my untamed eyebrows.



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