Day 3: My Earliest Childhood Memory

Day 3 and going strong!

This isn’t my earliest memory, but it’s the one that stands out strongest in my mind.

I had just turned 6 and my mom was making a home video to send to my grandpa in California. I remember riding my bike up and down the street with my brother, talking about an award I got in school, and helping my brother try to save a worm from the sun and putting it in the grass.

I also remember my mom recording us playing my Barbie board game, and her forcing him to play it with me because he never wanted anything to do with me when we were kids. Well, to be completely honest, he still doesn’t.

I remember watching that video when I was older and remembering everything that happened. It was almost like a weird out of body experience.

This memory and watching the video really put into perspective how bad my relationship is and always was with my brother. As kids, I was always making an effort to play with him, but he just wasn’t having it. It sucks to look back and know that we were never close, even when we were the only kids in the family, and also to look forward knowing that I’ll never have a relationship with him.


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