Day 4: My Guilty Pleasures

Merriam-Webster defines guilty pleasure as: Something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt.

Here’s the thing though – I don’t feel guilt about any of the things I find pleasurable. I like them because I like them and I don’t think I should feel bad about that or be made to feel bad about it.

If I were to have legitimate guilty pleasures, they would be:

  • Buying and drinking coffee
  • Watching documentaries about everything under the sun
  • Watching reality TV
  • Looking at Instagram accounts dedicated to animals
  • Eating a loaf of French bread in one sitting
  • Drinking a whole bottle of margarita mix in one night
  • Spending money on prints of pictures

Nothing too scandalous, just normal things that I’m sure everyone partakes in one time or another. But very interesting to think about.



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