Day 7: An Old Photo of Me


This picture is only from 2013, so not that old, but I’ve been feeling really nostalgic about my time in Greek Life, and this picture represents the height of my sorority life happiness.

This picture was taken during recruitment while I was on the Panhellenic Council. I was completely disassociated from my own chapter, so the people I was on Council with essentially became my sorority sisters. In just a few short weeks, we became inseparable. Of course, it did help that we spent close to 8 hours a day together for a week.

Even though this was the beginning of the downfall of my relationship at the time, this was the happiest period of my life. I was very involved in Greek Life, I had multiple jobs and an internship that I loved, and for the first time in my life, I felt like I was making a difference.

I was able to finish the year after this picture was taken, with a soulmate and forever friend, valuable knowledge to help me throughout the rest of my life, and the confidence to go after what I wanted.


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