Day 9: My First Celebrity Crush

I’m sure I’ve said this before — I don’t remember much about my childhood.

I don’t really remember much about my likes or dislikes; I don’t even remember what I did for fun.

I do remember that I was in love with Nick Carter. For no reason other than he was beautiful and had the  voice of an angel.

My first CD was Millennium  by the Backstreet Boys. I would listen to it on repeat day after day after day. Of course I had to be like every other girl in the 90s and love Nick and only Nick.

I remember being heartbroken when he started dating Paris Hilton, and being so overjoyed when they broke up. I was obsessed with their TV show, and would drool over Nick whenever he was on screen.

It’s safe to say this crush has carried over to my adulthood — I still think Nick Carter is extremely attractive and would be all over him if the opportunity presented himself.


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