Day 10: My Proudest Moment

There’s not many things I’m proud of in my life. I’m not saying I’ve never done anything worth being proud of, I’m just extremely modest when it comes to my accomplishments.

One thing that I will always be proud of is finally finishing college.

It was a long and rocky road from start to finish, and there were times when I didn’t think I’d make it, but being able to walk across that stage in front of my closest friends and family is something that I’ll always cherish.

I was the first from my dad’s family to go to college, so to say they’re proud is an understatement. My dad will brag about me any chance he gets, to anyone that will listen.

With the enormous amount of debt I now have because of college, sometimes it’s hard to be thankful of my education. I work at a job that has nothing to do with my degree, and I know I will be paying off my loans well into my 30s. It’s hard to think all of that time and money was worth it. But then I think about the amazing experiences that I had while at school, ones that would have never gotten to experience if I hadn’t gone to college. And that is what I’m most appreciative of.



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