Day 11: If I Won the Lottery…

There’s something you should know about me — I hate the lottery. I think it’s a waste of money on something with slim to no chances of winning. Plus you lose a lot of your winnings to taxes. What good is that? Scratch-off tickets are the worst.  They always trick you into thinking you’re going to win, and then you don’t, and you’re always disappointed. And scratch-offs as gifts? Could you be any more tacky?

It also bothers me when people say “If I win the lottery…” Okay, well, great, but that’s never going to happen.

Everyone thinks I’m crazy for this, but I stand firm in my beliefs.

However, for the sake of my blog, I will list some things I would do with my lottery earnings IF I happen to win by some weird twist of fate.

  • Pay off all of my school loans
    • If a large sum of money ever happens to come into my possession, this is always the first thing I will do
  • Buy a car
    • As I am currently car-less, this always comes second
  • Buy a house and decorate it
  • Rescue some animals
  • Buy a new wardrobe
  • Save some in a high-interest savings account
  • Donate a lot of it
    • There are dozens of organizations that I would love to support through large donations, so this is definitely a high priority




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