Day 13: What’s in my Purse?

Such an interesting topic. How specific do I really want to be?

I also find it really interesting that I have such a huge purse, but so little in it. This list may seem like there’s a lot of stuff, but my every-day purse is actually quite huge, and there’s so much empty space in it!

  • A box cutter/pocket knife
    • Given to me by my boyfriend’s dad to protect myself on my bus rides
  • Tic Tacs
    • A staple in my life — only and always the white ones
  • My wallet
    • The contents can be for another post
  • My little baggie of womanly things
    • Tampons, bandaids, nail clippers, tweezers, the works.
  • Many pens
    • My mother was a teacher and she passed along to me her habit of carrying multiple pens always
  • Umbrella
    • Always a necessity when taking public transportation
  • My winter-weather headband
    • Gotta keep my ears warm in this freezing Michigan climate
  • Keys
    • Which I don’t even use because our front door has a key pad. The only time I use my keys is when I need to open my beer and get out my keychain bottle opener.
  • Headphones
    • Also a staple for bus rides
  • Perfume
    • Paris Amour from Bath and Body Works, one of my faves
  • Bus Pass
    • Self-explanatory


At random times, there will be:

  • Pairs of socks
  • My lunch box, both full and empty
  • Empty travel mug
  • My coupon folder
  • Phone charger
  • Sunglasses

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