Bus Stop Thoughts

I currently take the bus to and from work, not by choice, but by necessity. It’s not the most enjoyable experience, but sometimes, riding the bus can be kind of peaceful. Especially on weekends evenings when I basically have the bus to myself.


I currently live in the same [mostly] upper-middle class town that I’ve lived in since I was 11. Apparently, people there don’t fully approve of public transportation.

During my time waiting at the bus stop, I’ve come to notice that a lot of people just stare at you while you’re standing there. Why do they do that? I have no idea. But they do. And whether they mean to or not, they give me some seriously judgmental looks, and I cannot figure out why.

I like to think I look pretty put-together.


Please enjoy my bus stop thought process:

  • I may as well be a homeless person with a sign begging for money with the dirty looks I’m getting.
  • You’ve never seen a 20-something wait for the bus before?
  • If you don’t want to see me stand and wait for the bus, I take donations in the form of rides to work and free vehicles
  • I carry a Vera Bradley bag, usually have a travel mug of coffee with me, and generally have nice clothes on. My hair isn’t always looking the best, but can’t you tell that I’m going to work at an office??
  • WHY are you staring at me?
  • Is there something on my face? Is there underwear attached to my pants? What is so fascinating about a person at a bus stop that you just have to stare?

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