Friday Pick-Me-Up’s

It’s been a pretty rough week.

Work has been insane; I spent way too much at the grocery store buying all of my clean foods that I can’t pay all of my bills for the week; I’m having a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders that has been ruining my days; and I’m drinking less coffee due to clean eating, so I’m tired, miserable, cranky, and prone to migraine-like headaches.

Throughout all of this, I’m trying to stay positive because I know that’s what I need to do. I’m trying to make all of these changes because I need to. I have to start doing things differently and get healthy. Change is difficult in general, and I take it especially hard.

I’m really trying to focus on things that will bring me up when I’m down, which is what I really, really need right now.

1. Walks with the pup

I’m looking forward to long walks with him this weekend, with hopes that the fresh air, exercise, and his silliness will put me in a good mental state.


2. Bulldogs


I’m obsessed with bulldogs! @jmarcoz posts the cutest pictures of videos of bulldogs, guaranteed to cheer me up a little.


3. Lazy Netflix nights with bae

We have been watching Lie to Me lately, and I’m basically hooked on it. We watched an episode last night before I went to bed and it helped a lot. I’ve also been watching The Office for the second time, and that never fails to put a smile on my face.


4. My favorite people

I spend a decent amount of my day at work looking at my little corner of pictures of my friends and family. I don’t see them anywhere near as much as I should, but just seeing these pictures remind me of the amazing support system that I have by my side. They’re the ones encouraging me to be better and do better, and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.


5. Hot showers and country music

One of my favorite ways to relax is to blast some country music while enjoying a ridiculously hot shower. I like the water pretty hot, and it feels like the problems of the day are just melting off my skin.

Current country music obsessions:
“Love You Like That” – Canaan Smith
“What if I Stay?” – Chris Young
“Ain’t Runnin’s Outta Summer” – Gloriana
“Tryin’ to Love Me” – Jason Aldean


6. Starbucks

Not that I can have it right now due to clean eating, but nothing turns my day around like an over-priced extra-sugared espresso drink.



What do you do after a bad day? Any good pick-me-up’s?


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