Walking My Butt Off: The Summer of 800 Miles

The last two days were my personal best walks for 2016. I went on a 6-mile walk each day. Sure, I’ve walked over 6 miles in one day, but never on just one walk.

The most exciting part about this was that I got to walk a trail by my house, which was impossible to get to before this week. Thank you to construction season in Michigan for that.


I think the whole trail is 6-8 miles, but I walked 3, turned around, and did 3 miles home. The majority of the trail goes alongside the highway and the busiest road in my town, so the traffic can be disturbing at times. But most of it is shaded and lined with trees on both sides, so it’s actually quite peaceful, and a good 5 degrees cooler than in the sun. It’s perfect for when I knock out my summer goal of completing a couch to 5k.

I’m going on week 3 of clean eating and week 4 of my 800 mile goal for the summer, and I am feeling great.

I haven’t noticed any really big physical changes in the past month. I did wear a sweatshirt the other day, that has been tight on me since I got it a year ago, and noticed that it was looser! But I just feel better about myself. The clean eating is helping me go for longer walks and not feel as tired because I’m not filling my body with crappy processed foods.

I went walking a lot last summer, but since I moved home after college, I haven’t been doing it as much. Then I realized how much I missed it. I always feel so amazing after a walk and my body is pumping with endorphins. I feel like I can take on the world! And believe me when I say that I try to take on the world after a walk, and then I end up crashing a couple hours later because I’m so tired.

post walk

It’s been a good week for walks, sunny but breezy, and not too warm. Even though I will sweat profusely and disgustingly, regardless of the weather. Every time I pass someone, I want to say “Please excuse my disgusting sweat and beet red face. Just trying to be healthy!”

Another struggle I face is my allergy to sunscreen. Skin cancer runs in my family so I’m petrified of getting sunburned. However, I break out in hives from every sunscreen I’ve ever tried. I am currently itching all over from my last two days in the sun, but I’m just a little miserable. I guess it’s worth it to be cancer-free.

Anyone else allergic to sunscreen? Is there a certain kind you use?

Any advice on making hives go away/itch less?


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