Sunday Scrambles – May 29

may 29

Happy Sunday! Hope you’re all getting some sunny and warm weather!


The Goldfinch

After almost two months, I finally finished The Goldfinch! Review to come! Moving on to finish Eat, Pray, Love, which has also taken me over a month to finish.

My smoothie debacle

I’ve been having smoothies for breakfast this past week, per my clean eating plan.

Take 1: I followed the recipe, which consisted of mixed berries, spinach, banana, nut butter, and water. It was supposed to be a PB&J type thing. I’m allergic to bananas, so that was out. But I didn’t add enough berries to make up for it, so it just tasted like almond butter.

Take 2: I added more berries and got rid of the almond butter. I thought I’d use almond milk to make up for the almond butter, and to replace the water. Well. I used vanilla almond milk. And it was awful.

Take 3: Half berries, half mango, spinach, and unflavored almond milk. MUCH better. Although next time I’m going to skip the frozen berry mix, and just get strawberries and/or blueberries. I cannot stand all of the seeds from the raspberries and blackberries.

I also made my smoothie the night before and kept it in the fridge for the morning. It wasn’t as thick as I prefer, but it made it a lot easier in the morning!

My new desk at work

My desk got switched at work and I’m very upset about it. My work is open 24/7, and I was the only day shift person on my side of the room, so the bosses didn’t want me to be alone all day. Except that was how I liked it. I sat in my little corner and didn’t talk to anyone unless I needed help, and no one bothered me.

Now I sit in the front of the room, right in front of all of the bosses. And even though I’m surrounded by people, I talk even less than I did in my corner. It’s actually very depressing; people talk all around me but never to me. On top of having a stressful week, this desk change has just thrown me off.


I think this is really important, and something I don’t do enough. I always dwell on the negative, when I should be focusing on all of the positives. I have enough in my life that is bringing me down; I don’t need to add to it.



Win a night’s stay in the Eiffel Tower

Pretty sure this is the coolest thing ever! I am obsessed with Paris and this is basically my dream.


Weird Laws in Every State

There are some crazy things here! I love Michigan’s – you can sue the homeowners if you get hurt in the process of robbing their house.

Treat Yoself! on a Budget


I’m a huge fan of Treat Yoself, yet can’t always afford it. Shanice offers great options of how to splurge on yourself and not break the bank!

Photo courtesy of imgur

Being a Good Boyfriend – From a Guy’s Perspective¬†

Definitely interesting to see this from a guy’s point of view! I feel like you never get to hear from guys about what they think makes a good boyfriend.

Salad Bar Personality Quiz

salad quiz

I love salad. I’m sure I could live off of salad. I’ve actually done it before. I was actually surprised at how accurate my answer was. Scary accurate.

Any good smoothie recipes?
What weird laws are in your state?
What is your salad bar personality?


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