Sunday Scrambles – June 5

june 5

Happy June, Scramblers! It’s been a good first couple of days of the month and I’m looking forward to more of them!


Tomorrow is my birthday! One minute, I’ll be excited, and the next minute, I’ll be upset about it. I’m not too keen on turning 25, or having attention on me, but I’m trying to have a good attitude about it.

I traded shifts with a coworker, so I lucked out and ended up with a three-day weekend for my birthday. I plan on reporting back with with a recap of my adventures!


I started reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Ever since I went to The Wonderful World of Harry Potter in January, I’ve been meaning to start reading the books again. There’s just too many books to read and so little time!


Above is me at The Celebration of Harry Potter getting sorted into my home of Slytherin.

I finally started The Order of the Phoenix, the fifth book in the series, as I read the first four last summer and didn’t feel like starting over. I’ve been so hooked on it! There are so many details from the books that don’t transfer to the movies, and it’s great to get a refresher.

I’m also reading Eleanor & Park

e & p
It has long been on my TBR list, and I’ve been very excited to read it. Both books are too good, and once I start reading, it’s hard to put them down. It gets hard to pick which book I want to read!

I bought another book by Rainbow Rowell about a year ago, but I haven’t been able to get into it yet. Maybe after E & P I’ll finally be able to dive in,!

See what I’m reading on my Goodreads page!

Gleaners Community Food Bank

I think one of the best feelings is helping someone. I don’t have much, but I give what I can. My work is participating in a cereal drive for Gleaner’s Food Bank  to help feed hungry children throughout the summer. While it’s not convenient for me to go buy boxes of cereal, I instead decided to donate some money. One dollar can buy three meals – how could I pass that up? I didn’t have $5 to spare (it really needs to go to my student loans), but I couldn’t get through the day thinking that there are kids out there that don’t know if or when they’ll be getting their next meal.

My parents have gone through a lot of financial struggles, and I may not have gotten everything I wanted growing up, but they always had three meals a day for us. I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I’m already late on my loan payments, so five extra dollars won’t make that big of a difference. Even if it does, it’s worth it knowing I can help feed a handful of kids.

As weird as it sounds, when I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up for one main reason: to donate money to a charitable cause. Now that I’m [basically] an adult, I’m looking forward to being able to donate more to help some really great causes.



In honor of my current HP lovin’!

Luna is my absolute favorite character, and my #1 spirit animal. She’s crazy and misunderstood, but doesn’t give a second thought to what people think about her, and that is why I love her.


I’m normally not a huge fan of travel blogs, but [unpopular opinion] I’m not a huge fan of travelling. I don’t want to spend all of that money, go through all of that stress, for something that is exciting, but then ends and you have to go back to your boring life. Plus, the thought of traveling makes me extremely anxious, especially anywhere outside of the U.S. Call me a crazy, sheltered girl from Michigan, but with my luck, I would go on vacation overseas and end up in a foreign prison with my passport stolen and all of my money gone. I prefer to stay in my Mitten State, thank you very much.

But I have found a travel blog that I love – The Travel Hack. Monica and her team post about locations that I would actually consider visiting, like London or a road trip through Montana, and also go over valuable topics such a travel tips, how to travel for free or cheap, and how to earn more airline rewards.



Living Well Around the Globe

It’s really interesting to see what other cultures value, and what they see as being healthy!

Mindy Kaling + BJ Novak = Love

The Office is one of my favorite shows, and I’ve always loved the dynamic between Kelly and Ryan. It makes me really happy to see that their humorous relationship carries to real life.

Need a pickmeup?

I find myself in need of pickmeups quite often. These are all excellent ideas, and I’m definitely going to try a few this week! First on my list is is the cinnamon coffee trick, and then I for sure want to try the homemade frozen yogurt!

What causes are you passionate about?

Read any good books lately?

What are your best pickmeups?

 Follow me on Snapchat for my birthday fun – @ellie_ruffino. Have a great week!


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