One Month and 9 Pounds Down

I have finished the first four weeks of the Beyond Diet! The first month involved following a preset menu that included 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, all of which followed clean eating, and one free meal a week.

It was difficult at times, especially when I was getting cravings for foods that I couldn’t have. But over the course of the month, it got easier to control those cravings. I’m extremely proud to say that I very rarely strayed from the plan – I had a bite of my boyfriend’s cottage cheese once, and used a little extra stevia in my coffee. But I never went completely off the grid and cheated.

I’m even more proud to say that I have lost 9 pounds! It’s surely not a noticeable difference, but I can tell that my clothes are fitting looser and my stomach doesn’t pudge out as much.

When I started Beyond Diet, I told myself that if I completed the 4 weeks with minimal cheats, I would treat myself to Starbucks (my addiction) and Panera (one opened in my building two months ago and I hadn’t eaten there yet).

Tuesday was my last official day, so Wednesday was a Treat Yo’self day. I felt guilty after the Starbucks because I know the insane amount of sugar that is in those drinks, but I worked hard, and it was my birthday week, so I wanted a treat. I didn’t feel so bad about eating the Panera, minus the carbs and the cheese, because it’s probably one of the cleanest menus food wise that you can find. At least around here.

The Next Steps…

Now that I’m done with the “boot camp” aspect of the diet, I get to plan my own meals and snacks. I took a quiz about my appetite and eating habits, and my results told me how much carbs, fat, and protein I need for each meal. Then I just find a recipe in the program that corresponds to my needed carbs, fats, and proteins.

The first four week have the same 10 or so recipes, and I got sick of them very quickly. I now have the freedom to choose from hundreds of different recipes with a ton of different ingredients.

There’s so many recipes that I don’t know where to start. I have a couple planned for the next week, and I’ll be sure to post about them!


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