Sunday Scrambles – June 12

june 5

Happy Sunday! Welcome to my random scrambles for the weekend. 


Reading Update

I finished Eleanor & Park and LOVED it, and I’m sure I’ll post a review soon. I also just finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – I’ve been reading it like a crazy person the past couple of days. On to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince — my favorite!

Cinnamon-Brewed Coffee

In last week’s Scrambles, I posted an article about little pickmeups to help get you through the day. One that I really wanted to try was brewing cinnamon into coffee, and I did try it! I have to preface this by saying I’m not a huge fan of cinnamon, and also, the I’m not able to confirm the age of the cinnamon in the house, so it’s very possible that it expired a while ago.

I’ve made hot chocolate with cinnamon before and I loved it, so I was excited to try it with my coffee. I think it would have worked better if I used a real brewing coffee pot, but we have an off-brand Keuring so I just used our re-usable K-cup. I made 2 cups of coffee, and the second was much better. For the first cup, I just brewed the coffee and added some unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It wasn’t bad, but if I’m going to have cinnamon, I want some sweet with it. For the second cup, I added the almond milk again, and I added a packet of stevia, and that made it much better.

It’s definitely something I want to make again – hopefully with some newer and fresher cinnamon!

Mr. Number App

For some reason, I’ve been getting a lot of weird calls lately from an area code near me. I’ve never answered it, but it’s some type of recording, and will sometimes leave voicemails of nothing. I Googled the number and apparently it’s some kind of spam thing, so I blocked the number through my carrier, but then I started getting calls from a very similar number, with just a couple different digits, and the whole thing started over again. I finally found a solution: the Mr. Number app.

You’re able to copy a number into the app and it will search to see if it is flagged as anything but a legitimate number. You can then “blacklist” it, and if the number calls you again, the app will alert you that it’s a flagged number. I still get the phone calls, but at least now I kind of feel like I’m protected. Against what, I don’t know, but at least I am.

Belated Birthday Dinner

My aunt and uncle treated Anthony and I to dinner and ice cream for my birthday. We went to a local pizza place that has been around for ages and had some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. We stuffed ourselves with pizza, delicious breadsticks, and antipasto salad. I know it’s not clean eating, but I’m trying to transition into possible having two free meals a week, and this week is a trial period.

They even gave this hilarious card and gift cards to some of my favorite places!



The Cheapest Places to Travel for Each Month

This was a great article! Each month has a domestic and international location, and while of the places are a little random (who wants to go to Flagstaff, Arizona?), but there’s also places that you’ve always dreamed of going to, like Hawaii and London.


The Ugliest Color in the World

This is completely random, and I mean, who actually thinks about stuff like this?? But I have to say that I agree 10,000% that this is the ugliest color I have ever seen.

Things You Should Do Before 8 a.m.

It’s no secret that you are at your most productive point in the morning, and that the way you start your day can determine how the rest of your day goes. This article touches on what we all know should be done, like getting a good night’s sleep or eating a healthy breakfast, but it also goes into things that you probably wouldn’t think to add to your morning routine like taking a cold shower.

100 of the Greatest Movies Ever Made

I love lists like this, where I can just go through and check off movies that I’ve seen. Sadly, I’ve only see 14 movies from this list. I guess I better get to watching!


Do you agree with the ugliest color in the world?
How many of the 100 greatest movies have you seen?


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