Sunday Scrambles – June 26

Happy Sunday! It’s been a long week and I’m ready for my weekend!

Please enjoy my scrambles, scramblers!

june 26


Currently obsessed with cold brew coffee from Starbucks. There’s no sugar or Classic syrup added like they add to their iced coffee, which is great for my no-sugar lifestyle. I get it unsweetened, and add a splash of whole milk and a packet of stevia. So yummy!


Blog Life

I haven’t been on a very good blogging schedule lately. That’s mostly because I’m lazy. I have numerous hours on my days off to write, but I either forget, or I don’t want to do the work so I can enjoy my day off. Because of this, my posting has been sporadic and disappointing to me. Going forward, my plan is to post, at minimum, on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

If I’m slacking, I welcome y’all to yell at me to get my rear in gear!

Ypsilanti or Bust!

I will be spending a couple days in my college town of Ypsilanti, Michigan, and I could not be more excited. I haven’t been there since I moved back home in August and I have been missing it terribly.

I’ll be staying with one of my sorority sisters and best friends, and I am SO excited!

Current Music Obsessions

Tell Me You Get Lonely – Frankie Ballard

Smoke – A Thousand Horses

Not That Simple – Mike Posner

Act Like You Love Me – Shawn Mendez

Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – Bob Dylan


Ant and I went to our town’s fireworks on Friday with a friend of his and his daughter. I haven’t been to this town occasion in years so it was weird to go back. But it was fun! We had a front row seat, right on the water, and it was by far the best fireworks show I’ve ever been to.


This ties back to my goals I posted about last week. I may not be doing much, but I can tell that it is bettering me with each day. Even if something negative happens, it helps me to learn and grow.



Travel Tips for When You’re Broke

There’s tips for finding places to stay, getting around, and even finding jobs to help pay your way!


7 Hobbies Proven to Reduce Stress

I had no idea that just 6 minutes of reading can reduce stress. No wonder I always feel better after diving into a book!

Follow Michelle Obama on Snapchat!

I think Michelle is absolutely fabulous and I was beyond excited when I found this article. It’s fun to see her out and about and trying to change the world!

Also follow me on Snapchat!

Food Storage Myths Debunked

Did you know that putting steaming hot foods into your fridge can cause the temperature of the fridge to lower, allowing more opportunity for bacteria to grow? I sure didn’t! A list of need-to-know tips for correctly storing food in your kitchen.

Reading More Books to Get More Dates?

Apparently on dating apps in England, people connect and get matched by talking about books. Maybe we should try this in the U.S.

What songs are you currently obsessed with?

Do you have any Fourth of July Plans?

What is your favorite thing to do to relieve stress?


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