My Ypsilanti Weekend

I spent the past couple days in my college town of Ypsilanti with one of my sorority sisters, Danielle. I haven’t been to Ypsi since I left to move home in August, and it was amazing to be back.
I got there Sunday night after work, and we went right to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants there, Sidetracks. I got the turkey ruben with fries, and then we decided to tackle this huge strawberry shortcake, which is clearly meant for more than 2 people. We put a pretty good dent in it but there ended up being some ice cream and strawberries left behind.

We were supposed to go for a hike Monday, but as the temperature was 85 by 9:00 am and still rising, we thought better of it. Instead, we went and got coffee from Sweetwaters, a Washtenaw County favorite of mine. I got a Dreamy, which is cold brew coffee with cream and vanilla syrup. But it’s one of my favorite coffee drinks in the world.

We came back and ate breakfast, then went to the mall just to walk around and get our steps in, since it was so hot outside. We were legitimate mall walkers, and it was great. We didn’t even buy anything! We ended up doing about 2 miles in the mall, and then went to the movies to see Me Before You. I haven’t been able to read the book yet, but I loved the movie, all crying included. PSA: Bring tissues if you’re going to that movie.
After the movie, we decided to try going for a walk outside, silly us. It was dreadfully hot and sunny, but we took a 3 ish mile walk around the campus, and took a couple breaks inside the air-conditioned buildings. It ended up being much better on our way home with the sun behind us and not beating down on our faces.

Danielle made these really amazing turkey melts for dinner. She’s also been doing the Beyond Diet and found the recipe on the website. It was just sprouted whole grain bread, avocado, sliced turkey, cheese, and tomatoes, put under the broiler for a little bit, with a squeeze of mustard of top. So simply and super tasty!

Another one of our sorority sisters came over after dinner and then we went to Danielle’s stepdad’s boat to watch the Detroit fireworks. It was so breezy and peaceful on the river, and some beers and good company made for the perfect night.

Tuesday started with homemade French press coffee and yogurt and berries for breakfast on the balcony. Then we went on the hike that we skipped on Monday, and the weather ended up being perfect for the 4.5 mile hike. We sat out by the lake after and had a snack.

After lunch, we went back to Sweetwaters for some afternoon coffee, and started planning our trip for Labor Day weekend. We got most of it planned and even booked our stays! We will be driving up the west coast of Michigan, with a couple stops along the way, as well as exploring Mackinaw City, Mackinaw Island, and the Upper Peninsula. We’ll be ending the weekend by walking across the Mackinaw Bridge. We’ll be in a hotel for one night, but camping the rest of the time. I cannot wait for this trip to come!

We decided to go for another equally as strenuous hike in the afternoon around a peony garden/nature trail in Ann Arbor. We explored parts of the trail that we hadn’t walked before, most of which were hills, and ended up adding five miles to our day.

When we got home, we ended up walking about another mile to go see my favorite Ypsilanti landmark, and to also reach 12 miles for the day. (Yes, we are crazy, but we really love walking).

The Ypsilanti Water Tower

The day ended with dinner, Pitch Perfect 2, and one of the cats knocking my phone off the couch and cracking my screen. Luckily, it was just the screen protector, and I immediately ordered another one on Amazon to be delivered in a week.
The days were also filled with me taking selfies with Danielle’s new kittens, who I adore but am very allergic to.

Definitely one of the best “weekends” I’ve had in a while!


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