Friday Feels

This week started off on a high note – I was able to see some of my favorite people, I went hiking, and I got to cuddle with some cats. What’s better than that?

It slowly went downhill from there.

Pay day is supposed to feel relieving, right? Not for me. I’m instantly stressed about being able to pay for everything I need to, and I immediately start freaking out about my account overdrafting, which is basically inevitable at this point.

It doesn’t help that Anthony still isn’t working, and I’m paying for everything. I spent over twice my grocery budget at the store this week, mostly for food for him, and now I’m scrounging for change for the bus to get to work.

I’m also exhausted from my time in Ypsi and I’m still recovering from the 20 ish miles we walked/hiked.

Thursday was just an awful day in general:

  • I couldn’t find anything to wear to work and spent the entire day wondering if my clothes matched
  • I walked face first through a spider web on my way out the door of my house
  • A fish fly got stuck in my hair less than a minute later
  • My bus came early and I almost missed it
  • My food at Panera was stolen from the Rapid Pick-Up shelf

That was all before noon. Definitely a rough day.

I’m really looking forward to my days off so I can catch up on everything that is making me feel so behind, and also to relax and de-stress.

What feels are you having this Friday?

What do you do to de-stress?


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