Sunday Scrambles – July 10

july 10

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a fun Fourth of July and a relaxing weekend! Ready for another week?


I have found the most amazing thing: Espresso. Vanilla. Almond Butter. Basically a latte that I can dip my apples in. I’m in LOVE with it. I mean, just LOOK at those espresso chunks spread throughout.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past week, I’m sure you’ve heard of Pokemon Go. I fought it for so long but I finally downloaded it this weekend. There’s a ton of stuff that I don’t understand about it because I never really got into Pokemon as a kid, but I’m perfectly content with just walking around and catching Pokemon.


I made a checkout line splurge a couple weeks ago at Meijer and bought two reusable bags (they were 99 cents each AND buy one get one half off – how could I not?). Honestly, one of my best decisions. I love them, and I need to buy more.


Since I’ve been reading a lot of HP this week, here’s some wise words from the one and only Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.



The Quietest Seats on an Airplane

This was, conveniently, where I sat when I went to Florida in January, and let me tell you – it makes a huge difference!


What a Hostess Should Have

Basically my dream is to always have dinner parties and entertain, and this is a perfect guide for doing so!

The 80/20 Rule

I have actually never heard of this, but it sounds logical. Dedicating 80% of your meal to fresh and whole foods, and the other 20% goes to any other food you want. It makes sense to me – you’re sticking to the important food that you need, while also allowing yourself the treat that you want, and actually do need.

This article makes a good point of “listening to your body, feeding it nutritious foods most of the time, and following your intuition when indulging.” Great thought and a really good article!

Your Hogwarts House Based on your Favorite Foods

I am a Slytherin through and through, and my friend is a die-hard Gryffindor. She took the quiz and got Slytherin, I got Gryffindor. She was very upset, in true Gryffindor fashion, and I just shrugged it off.


Have you gotten into Pokemon Go?

What Hogwarts house do you belong to?


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