Sunday Scrambles – July 17

Happy Sunday! It’s certainly been a crazy week on my end and I’m glad it’s my weekend!

july 17


One of the worst things about clean eating is that I’ve had to give up my coffee creamer – my sugary, delicious, sweet coffee creamer. It’s one of my favorite things in the world, and the last 2+ months without it has been pretty awful.

I’ve been meaning to try a clean eating/paleo recipe for coffee creamer, but a lot of the ones I’ve found have coconut milk and I’m not into that. Or they have a ton of random ingredients that I don’t want to buy. I have found a couple contenders and I’m hoping to try them soon!
You might not remember, but I have a Google Chrome extension on my computer at work that gives me the time, weather, and a picture of some beautiful place in the world that I’ll never be able to travel to. It also gives me a quote; some are deep and meaningful, others are a little more on the fun side, like the one I got yesterday.


Some excellent advice for any of y’all that have been dealing with haters.

Current Music Obsession:
Blink-182’s new album

I bought it for $11.99 on iTunes and it’s some of the best money I ever spent.


quote richard


The Most Amazing National Parks

If I were to travel for any reason, it would probably be to see things like the national parks of the world. This list is amazing and I find myself wanting to go to all of these places!


Kale Salad, Anyone?

I have been OBSESSED with kale lately – I can’t seem to get enough of it! This is a great idea if you want to eat raw kale in a salad instead of trying to cook it down. Will hopefully be trying this soon!

How Can You Define a Beautiful Woman?

This is a great article for a couple reasons.
1. It shows that beauty does not have a universal definition.
2. It shows that beauty is not always about looks.
3. We do not recognize #1 and #2 often enough.

My favorite:

“Someone that isn’t like the others. When everyone is going right, they’re the only person that’s going left.”

How beautiful is that?

Pokemon in the Streets and in the Sheets?

This Pokemon thing has gone way too far. I took this quiz and I am a Caterpie in the streets and a Growlithe in the sheets. I looked them up and the Caterpie runs away and hides in its silk skin, and the Growlithe gets territorial if it can tell someone else has been in their space – both of which are clearly qualities of yours truly.


How would you describe a beautiful woman?


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