Sunday Scrambles – July 24

Another week is upon us! We’ve been in a massive heat wave here in Metro Detroit, and it looks like it will be continuing into this week. Who else is ready for fall?

july 24


After graduating over a year ago, I will finally be getting my college diploma! I had a school bill that I wasn’t able to pay off, but I just recently sent in my last payment. It’s just a piece of paper, but not having it can actually bring a lot of hassle into your life. I’m extremely overjoyed to finally be able to close this chapter of my life!

I took this really cute picture with my favorite little ball of fluff, Frosty. I’m super impressed with it, and just wanted to share it with y’all! Clearly my life is so entertaining that selfies with dogs are big news.


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I tried to make a “healthy” coffee creamer, and it didn’t exactly go as planned. It didn’t go badly, but it certainly wasn’t great.

The recipe I used was a half can of sweetened condensed milk with an equal amount of unsweetened almond milk, and vanilla extract. I ended up finding sweetened condensed coconut milk, so I got that instead, which actually tasted pretty good on its own.


The creamer didn’t taste bad, but it was kind of plain – it actually just tasted like milk. The recipe said to add other extracts for flavoring, so I think that’s something I need to pick up from the store. I’m also going to mess around with the proportions to see if that helps.

Current Music Obsession

Blake Shelton’s If I’m Honest

Lorde Radio on Pandora




Cheap Last-Minute Vacation Spots

This article has multiple cities in the U.S. that you can go to and find pretty good quality lodging for under $100 a month during the summer. Can’t get much better than that!


How Much Does Exercising Really Matter?

This video is basically saying exercise doesn’t count for much in your quest to lose weight – the food you eat is the biggest part. Their argument is logical and I can understand where they’re coming from, but I still find it hard to believe that exercise plays that little of a roll.

Of Course I Need a Book Staircase

This is amazing, and I desperately wish I had my own house with stairs so I could do this! I would of course put all of the Harry Potter books on there.
What Not to Do Before Bed

We all know not to be on electronics before bed because it messes with your sleep. Do we all listen to this advice? Of course not. But we should!

Why You Should Go For a Job You’re Not Qualified For

I’m sure everyone can relate to finding a job that you would love, but you know you’re under-qualified for. So you think, why bother even applying? You may not have every skill set that the employer is looking for, but if you sell yourself and your enthusiasm for the position, you still stand a pretty good chance.


What’s your favorite station on Pandora?

How do you wind down before bed?


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